Ejemplos de oraciones con going to

En todos los idiomas existen tres tipos de tiempos verbales como son el pasado, presente y futuro, teniendo este último dos formas de construir una oración. Por un lado el will acompañado de un verbo simple y por otro lado el going to unido a un verbo simple, siendo ambos una conjugación del tiempo futuro.

En el caso del going to, éste se emplea en oraciones en las que una persona necesita manifestar los hechos que van a ocurrir en un momento en concreto en el futuro que a su vez está ligado con el presente, además de emplearse también para pronósticos.

A continuación se van a mostrar diversas oraciones en inglés empleando el going to.

El going to se utiliza en el tiempo futuro

Ejemplos de oraciones con going to

  • They are going to buy a new car next Sunday.
  • Look at those sun, it’s going to be sunny.
  • She is going to study English.
  • Are Roberto and Jose Mari going to visit Barcelona when it’s Christmas?
  • Is he going to come with us this afternoon?
  • Maria is going to repair the camera.
  • You are going to travel to Argentina in a few days.
  • Carlos and his friends are going to see a Harry Potter film.
  • I think it’s going to snow this night.
  • We are going to donate all the summer clothes.
  • My cousin is going to star studying a university degree.
  • You are going to dinner out this night.
  • Manuel is going to pick up his son at nursery school.
  • We are going to celebrate Jaime’s birthday.
  • I think Claudia and Monica are going to have a family meal next Saturday.
  • My sister is going to study to be a veterinarian.
  • Is Jessica going to rent the Star Wars new game?
  • He is going to see you next summer.
  • My parents are going to move the office to the center.
  • My cousin is going to visit me at the hospital the day after tomorrow.
  • We are not going to cook fish to eat tomorrow.
  • I am going to go up to my office and plan an entirely new show.
  • My nephew is going to be an excellent doctor.
  • We are going to play futbol at 11 AM.

Más ejemplos de oraciones con going to

  • You are going to spend the day asleep at home.
  • I’m going to have a difficulty to approve Biology.
  • Is it going to rain this morning?
  • Cristian isn’t going to buy a new motorcycle.
  • We are going to leave the hotel, fortunately, we have changed our opinion.
  • My friend is going to give her first kiss tonight.
  • It’s going to be a very cold day.
  • Are you going to come with me to wash my grandfather’s car?
  • She is going to do the math exam very well.
  • Kino is going to get married with Antonio in June.
  • I am going to see with you 13 reasons why tomorrow.
  • Is Isabel going to publish the most loving youth novel?
  • He is going to cook for his boyfriend.

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